Connecting a Decoupling-Capacitor

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    From 'Connecting the Radio to your Arduino'

    If you experience bad reception or if transmitted data never reaches destination, try adding a decoupling capacitor of 4.7uF across the radio's 3.3V and GND.

    Is there a reason why I should -not- do this?
    I am thinking of doing this immediately to avoid the issues mentioned unless the above answer is positive...



  • Well, I haven't tried it yet, but for my current network (which includes 6 nodes), I don't have capacitor on any of them, and they work.
    Probably tho, I'll be adding caps to see if it changes anythig in terms of i.e. range.

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    Hmm, ok.

    The reason I ask is because our house has a 170m2 'footprint' with very thick concrete walls.
    It is a problem for Wifi, less of a problem for z-wave (due to the mesh architecture I think) so I expect it to be sort of the same with these radio's.

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    I've needed them on all the cheapy nanos I've bought but not on the slightly better quality nanos... I don't think it has anything really to do with distance/range as without the capacitor it wouldn't work between two devices on my desk!

    When I work out how to use my oscilloscope I'll try do some comparison with and without...

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    Thanks, looking forward to that test!

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