Creating Wireless Sensor Network

  • I have what I believe is a relatively simple question, but can't find much information on the mysensors website about it. I have a slave NRF24L01 and a sensor (RFID) on one arduino board, and I want to set up another, separate NRF24L01 on a different arduino board as the master. What code should I use to get these two sensors to talk to each other and send data about the RFID between each other?

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    @codergirl56 Welcome to the forum. "Creating a wireless sensor network" that is where MySensors is about. To answer your question the easy way: I suggest you start reading from "Getting Started"

    Have fun!

  • @codergirl56
    Reading your question, I think your starting point is to have a look at the pingpong example (see below for the direct link) which comes with the mysensors library and try to modify it such that it starts sending the RFID data.

    direct link to pingpong example

    First you'd need to install the mysensors library of course, see the download page. How to do that is in the "Getting Started" as mentioned by @AWI. Just start reading and you'll be guided to it.

    good luck


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