Two serial gateways: 1-st for NRF and 2-nd for RFM69 radios. Is it possible?

  • I tried but got some mess in the device list.

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    Yes, multiple gateways work with Domoticz.

    Could you describe the "mess" a bit more?

  • the "mess"
    Encircled in red are NRF radio sensors. If I add RFM gateway and two RFM radio connected sensors domoticz devices page starts to show all NRF radio based sensors like they are working through RFM gateway. In the encircled red column "Hardware" there will be different gateway names. Consequently, all system not sending or receiving any messages correctly.

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    Some of the sensors in red are from the motherborad, not nrf. But that shouldn't make much difference. Would be interesting to see what it looks like when the rfms are added.

    I see that you are using a slightly old version of Domoticz. Maybe upgrade to v4834 or later and see if it works better?

  • Ok. I will update it later today. Thanks for helping!

    Would be interesting to see what it looks like when the rfms are added.

    there will be instead of "Mysensors" the "RFM" gateway name whatever I named it.

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    What does the Hardware page and the MySensors page[1] look like when the rfm gateways are added? I don't have any rfm gateways but my installations looks like this:
    1_1462354589674_image.png 0_1462354589673_image.png

    [1]: click the Setup link on the MySensors gateway on the Hardware page to get to the MySensors page

  • @mfalkvidd - Thanks again!

    after update all is good now. No mess. I was pressing update as beta release for a few month but there were no updates available.... last night found there is stable available! cool.

    just for debugging if anyone interested - I noticed variable type is not visible in hardware interface for serial gateway 2.0. But that is ok. All works good


  • "variable type is not visible in hardware interface" it has been updated after some time also. Now it is visible.

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    Sketch name is only sent when the node presents itself, so you might need to reset all nodes if you want that field populated right away. Might be the same for child name.

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