New Domoticz setup - use Pi or WHS computer?

  • I'm planning to migrate from my current Vera-based system to Domoticz (never really liked Vera, and seems limiting in what logic can be set up unless you get plugins and stuff). I currently have a handful of ZWave devices (motion sensors, door sensors, light switches), one wireless IP camera, and a couple mysensors devices on an ethernet gateway.

    Thoughts on whether to set up my Domoticz system on a dedicated Raspberry Pi 2 (or 3) vs adding it to my Windows Home Server 2011 system? The WHS is our file server for the house, storing all our media and doing nightly backups, plus running usenet downloads and Blue Iris for the camera.

    I like the Pi idea to have it on a dedicated device to reduce troubleshooting and keep things separate. But I like the WHS idea to have more horsepower for things like using cameras for motion detection and stuff like that down the road.

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    @timropp my philosophy is that Home Automation should be just home automation. All other add-on's need their own solution. A raspberry Pi (I use a 2) with a Razberry and Domoticz will do. Move over the other logic to the WHS and use MQtt to connect them. But that's the way I see things.