Radios -Again

  • Hi i am still very new to all this. Havent received my ethernet sheild yet but did some testing with a serial gateway and IDE serial monitor.
    I read several threads about radios.
    I bought some NRF24l01+ (from ebay link in mysensors store) and seems to get i range about 10-13 meters indoor but no walls between.
    If i have walls and about 7 meters between the signal is lost.
    What can i expect?
    I was thinking about buying a NRF24L01+PA+LNA for my gateway but in the comments on Aliexpress people doesn't seem to get that much improvement.
    Of course, genuine Nordic radios would be nice but i am to cheep for that.
    I want good copies. But where? How will i find a seller that sell good low price radios.
    And next question, is NRF24l01+ still the way to go?

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