Troubleshoot ethernet gateway

  • I built an ethernet gateway a while back and it works great. I've been having sporadic issues with OpenHAB not being able to read from it or something similar. Is there an easy way to snoop on the traffic of the ethernet gateway? Will it respond to a ping? Can I view messages sent/received via netcat on Linux?

  • Mod

    Yes it will respond to ping. Default address in the sketch is but can be changed by setting IPAddress myIp.
    Yes you can capture the traffic by using wireshark, tcpdump or similar tool. Easiest way is to run the tool on the same machine as you run OpenHAB and filter on the gateway's ip address.
    Yes you can connect to the gateway using netcat, but I think it is only built to handle one connection at the same time so you might have to disconnect the connection from OpenHAB. TCP port 5003 is default but can be changed by setting IP_PORT in the sketch.

  • Found the problem. Bad connection to router. I am now able to interact with it. Ping did work as did netcat. Thanks again.


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