Starting problems with new sensors

  • Hello,

    I've just started with my sensors and am a bit of a noob.

    I have made a ethernet gateway and it seems to work.
    Configured it in domoticz.

    Furthermore I've made 3 temp hum sensors with (dht22 sensors on pro mini's).
    Here comes the problem.
    No matter what I do, I only see one sensor in Domoticz. It seems to work fine with a temp and hum value.

    -How will an extra sensor present itselve in domoticz? Will it show in devices tab as undefined sensor or under hardware and than settings as new node?
    -Do I have to define the node_id myself? (I have now loaded the std sketch, but do not see a option for edditing node id, only child id.
    -Can It be that te sensors now send their data to the gateway all as node 1. Thus readings are from more that one sensor (thus wrong)

    This is a reading from my sensor :

    send: 1-1-0-0 s=255,c=3,t=15,pt=2,l=2,sg=0,st=ok:0
    send: 1-1-0-0 s=255,c=0,t=17,pt=0,l=5,sg=0,st=ok:1.5.4
    send: 1-1-0-0 s=255,c=3,t=6,pt=1,l=1,sg=0,st=ok:0
    read: 0-0-1 s=255,c=3,t=6,pt=0,l=1,sg=0:M
    sensor started, id=1, parent=0, distance=1
    send: 1-1-0-0 s=255,c=3,t=11,pt=0,l=8,sg=0,st=ok:Humidity
    send: 1-1-0-0 s=255,c=3,t=12,pt=0,l=3,sg=0,st=ok:1.0
    send: 1-1-0-0 s=0,c=0,t=7,pt=0,l=0,sg=0,st=ok:
    send: 1-1-0-0 s=1,c=0,t=6,pt=0,l=0,sg=0,st=ok:
    send: 1-1-0-0 s=1,c=1,t=0,pt=7,l=5,sg=0,st=ok:23.2
    T: 23.20
    send: 1-1-0-0 s=0,c=1,t=1,pt=7,l=5,sg=0,st=ok:57.1
    H: 57.10
    send: 1-1-0-0 s=0,c=1,t=1,pt=7,l=5,sg=0,st=fail:57.0
    H: 57.00
    send: 1-1-0-0 s=1,c=1,t=0,pt=7,l=5,sg=0,st=fail:31.0
    T: 31.00
    send: 1-1-0-0 s=0,c=1,t=1,pt=7,l=5,sg=0,st=fail:99.9
    H: 99.90
    send: 1-1-0-0 s=1,c=1,t=0,pt=7,l=5,sg=0,st=ok:30.2
    T: 30.20
    send: 1-1-0-0 s=1,c=1,t=0,pt=7,l=5,sg=0,st=ok:32.4
    T: 32.40

    Thank you for your help!

  • Mod

    @Jasper-van-Winden if your sketch uses gw.begin(); the nodes will get nodeID from Domoticz (. They should be visible in Setup>Devices in Domoticz. If you have a quite new version of Domoticz (not sure when this was added but it is available in 3.4834) you can also see them if you click "Setup" on your Gateway on the Hardware page. See pictures below.

    Note: Sensors will need to both present themselves AND send the first value before they show up in Domoticz.

    2_1467745897565_domoticz_devices.png 1_1467745897565_domoticz_hardware1.png 0_1467745897565_domoticz_hardware2.png



    in your log means that the node was unable to successfully send the message. That is usually a power or range issue. See for information on how to read the serial debug log and how to troubleshoot power and range issues.

    See starting up the library on for information on how to manually set node ID if you prefer that. I let Domoticz hand out nodeID for all my sensors.

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