Domoticz help using V_VAR1 and S_CUSTOM

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    I have built a lightning detector which all seems to be working fine looking at the serial monitor. with no storms around i decided to send some dummy data to Domoticz so I could see the results. The sketch uses S_CUSTOM and V_VAR1 to send the intensity readings and they are seen by the gateway but do not show up as a device. 0_1469527014058_Screenshot (133).jpg

    In the top of the device list I can see the distance reading and the light switches but no intensity reading. Can anyone tell me the way to access the S_CUSTOM data.

    0_1469527204364_Screenshot (132).jpg

    Also the S_DISTANCE device sems to read in CM only but i Guess that is hard coded in so will have to live with that

    0_1469527431155_Screenshot (134).jpg

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    @Boots33 V_VAR cannot be displayed as a device. it can be used only a internal variable in Domoticz. There is also not a real "custom" device type. A possible (but not very nice solution) is a V_TEXT type.

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    @AWI Thanks for that, I suspected that may be the case. I have not done much with Domoticz yet so will have a look at using variables and see what i come up with. I am only using Domoticz to capture the data, form there i will export it to my weather page.

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    @Boots33 For what I know V_VAR's are not available in Domoticz for processing. Their main purpose is for temporary storages of MySensors values. V_TEXT is more flexible and can be processed from lua in Domoticz.

    Just thinking freely: What is the unit of lightning intensity (love you project by the way ;-))? Reading from an article The estimated peak power per lightning stroke is 10^12 watts (1,000,000,000,000 watts or 1,000 Giga Watts). The total energy in a large thunderstorm is thought to be enough to power the whole of the USA for 20 minutes.. , this would be Watts. So V_WATT (S_POWER) could do the trick.

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    @AWI Thanks once again, I had a quick look at Domoticz today and used json to list all variables. the result only showed variables that I had defined in Domoticz myself and not the V_VAR1 I was looking for. So i think you are right that variable is not available for processing. I will now look at using V_TEXT or another type as you have suggested. As to the intensity reading, from the AS3935 data sheet....

    8.9.2 Energy Calculation
    If the received signal is classified as lightning, the energy is calculated. The result of the energy calculation is then stored in the registers
    REG0x06[4:0], REG0x05[7:0] and REG0x04[7:0]. This value is just a pure number and has no physical meaning.

    So from that i would think it can only be used as rough guide with no real scientific value. I think Sparkman said he has seen values in the high hundreds during storms, Our storm season is still a way off yet for me so will have to wait and see what i get

    Once again thanks for your input AWI. I have to say I am having a great time playing with MySensors, still very much on a learning curve but my hat goes off to the devs for an awesome product. 🙂

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    @Boots33 👍 as "energy" here has no real dimension you best make an own interpretation with Watt or Joul.

    Great to hear you are having fun too.

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