Female-female header connectors?

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    Does anyone know what the female-female header connectors are called? I want to be able to connect the male ftdi header on my ftdi adapter to the male ftdi header on my Arduinos. I am using 10cm female-female dupont cables, but just skipping the cables would be better in some cases.

    I have searched Ebay and Ali, but I am not able to find the right keywords. This might be what I'm looking for but I am not sure.

  • @mfalkvidd I don't recall ever seeing a female to female connector of that sort. Not saying they don't exist, I have just never heard of one. Couldn't you just unsolder the male connector from your FTDI adapter and solder on a female header?

    One thing to MAKE SURE in doing this is to check to be sure that the pins on your FTDI adapter and the pins on your pro mini (or whatever you are connecting it to) match perfectly. I have a couple different FTDI adapters and the pinouts on them are different. Not only are the pinouts different, but neither matches the connector on the pro minis that I use.

    The times that I have had to make custom dupont cable setups, I have used 2 different techniques. If using single ended dupont cables like these:
    alt text
    The simplest one is to take the ends, put them in the order you need and put a piece of heat shrink tube on them to hold them together. The other solution is to purchase (or reuse from other cables) these:
    alt text
    You will need to carefully lift the tab from the side of the connector and pull the wire end out of the connector. Once removed, slide them into the new multi-position connectors in the order needed.

    Hope some of that helps

  • Make your own 😉 Just grab a piece of breadboard, cut to the size of the 2 female headers and solder the 2 female headers to it and your done.

  • @ericvdb That would work fine as long as the pinout of your FTDI adapter is the same as the pro mini or whatever you are connected to. As I mentioned in my previous post. I have a couple FTDI USB adapters and each has a different pinout.

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    I make them easy by soldering "breakable female 1x40 pin header" together. Finish with a nice blob of hot glue around the middle. Do you need many?

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    @m26872 thanks, that should work. I only need two or three.

  • You realy think, that it Is useful fór connecting two male connectors together, what way asked?

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