Node ID management gateway

  • Hello,

    I built a serial gateway (auto node), a few PIR-nodes, temperature node and a solar weather station node.
    What I don't really understand is the automatic node management of the gateway.
    First of all the first node I activated got ID 33 and sequential new nodes got node IDs by increment from 32.
    Why didn't it start with node ID 1?

    Is there a way to 'release' node IDs in the gateway that aren't used anymore?
    When experimenting with nodes every time a new node is introduced a new node ID is created.
    I guess the gateway is managing the IDs and there might come a point where node ID 254 is reached and no IDs are available anymore.
    How do you deal with that?

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    @Petjepet a gateway never hands out node IDs (it doesn't have the capability to do that). They are either hardcoded in the sketch or handed out by the controller.

    Which controller are you using?

  • @mfalkvidd I use Pimatic to control all. I'm not aware of having set an offset in there to start at node 33.
    Can you explain how this mechanisme works?

    I use the Arduino IDE Serial Monitor to scan the communication of a new node and determine the node ID it has. After that I use this node ID to configure the node in the Pimatic settings and definitions.

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    @Petjepet I've never used Pimatic so I don't know unfortunately. You could try the pimatic subforum here at mysensors (will hopefully get more attention there than in the general forum) or if pimatic has a community forum of their own.


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