Where to get the RIGHT libraries?

  • Hi,

    i do love that project and it's kind of addictive :) I wish i could contribute some work, but i am just starting. If there is some primitive work to do. Let me know :)

    I am sure many noobs like me have the problem that there are soooo many different tutorials out there. And so many different ways of the "right" way how to install the correct libraries for Arduino IDE which seems to be an important thing not to have messed up libraries.

    Can someone please tell me which one to use/follow? I don't think they are all the same.

    1. Download button from mysensors API & Download: https://github.com/mysensors/Arduino/archive/master.zip
    2. Github button from mysensors API & Download but there are NO libraries: https://github.com/mysensors/Arduino/tree/master
    3. Install through Arduino IDE library manager: https://www.mysensors.org/about/arduino#installing-the-sensor-libraries
    4. From here (not sure what that is): https://ci.mysensors.org/job/Verifiers/job/MySensorsArduino/
    5. Or from Doxygen or is there something else?

    Next: Where to get the workings examples from?

    Thanks for making my life easier :)

  • Admin


    you should install from the library manager of arduino, that will ensure that you have the latest library available.

    Some of the examples where moved out of the core, and into a separate repository at github, when we released 2.0.0, this is located here: https://github.com/mysensors/MySensorsArduinoExamples

    The reason to why we did the split, is that when we added the library to arduino library manager, we couldn't have all the other libraries with us anymore, and since some of the examples relied on these "hang-arround" libraries, they where moved to another repository.

  • Thanks for the info tbo.
    I read in forums that the mysensors page is not always up to date because it's manually updated that's why i wasn't sure which info to trust. I trust yours now :)

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