Water flow sensor setup problem

  • I have a little water tank outside for fishes. I would like to be able to add water when it gets too hot. I think I have come all the way when it comes to the automatic part, but I would also like to be able to manually add water. And I cant figure it how to do it like I want in Domoticz.

    I have a water flow sensor, and it outputs nice values, current flow and total volume for the current open/close session of my water valve. Have been using MYSController to see the values.

    What I would like to have in Domotics is first some kind if configurable value where I can enter how many liters to fill. Either enter a number or some kind of slider.
    I then need a widget that shows the total volume for this open/close session (of the water valve). When the right amount of water have been filled, the total should be set to zero again.

    To be able to enter a number or using a slider to select amount I have no idea how to fix in Domotics. I asked the question at the Domotics forum and was told to use a Custom virtual sensor. Since I cant find a Custom sensor I asked where to find it and got no more answers. Hoping for a better answer here 馃槂

    The water flow sensor present it self as some kind of energy meter, and besides that the total value for that added sensor is something crazy high (353876322) and seems not be possible to reset that value for each open/close session of the water valve. Can I solve this by presenting my water flow sensor as something else to Domotics?

  • Admin

    Dimmer perhaps? 0 - 100%

  • @hek

    Thank you, of course a dimmer is a good choice. Would have been nice though if I could see the percentage when the dimmer is turned on, instead of just On. But that is a minor detail.

    Any idea on how I could solve the water volume problem?

  • Admin

    Nope sorry, don't use Domoticz myself.

  • @hek

    What do you use? I'm open to suggestions. Domoticz has a pretty bad user interface and many things is made for a very specific purpose, instead of being general and flexible. F.ex. the water meter that only seems to be made for measuring the waterflow of incoming water to a house. Since they even have the price for m3 of water.

    The only thing I really like about Domoticz is not even a part of Domoticz yet. dzVent to make it easier to make Lua scripts.

  • Admin

    I'm running Vera, pretty crappy experience.

  • @hek

    Ok. Well I guess this is a pretty new and immature market. Takes a few years before we get to see something good.

  • Well, I cant seem to find a solution to getting the total water volume from my sensor to Domoticz. Thinking about Plan B, is it possible to get the virtual dimmer percentage back to my node? Then I could do the comparison there, where I have total water volume.

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