Code that was send by mysensor devices

  • Hello.
    I habe build my own Sensors with Attiny85 and 433Mhz Sender.
    Im new in FHEM and i will use mysensors.
    My attiny Sensors only send 5 digit number.
    Device, Temp, Hum...and special code for alarm.
    Now i will emulate mysensors output.
    I dont understand this at the moment.
    What will be send at the Start?
    Is there a code so that FHEM autocreate this Sensor?
    What will be send if it is a temp Sensor?

    Can anyone give me an example?
    Many thanks....hope you unterstand my bad english

  • Hardware Contributor

    I don't know about MySensors v2.0.x, I've only used v1.5.x (and v1.4.x for Eth-gateway). Fhem autocreate will work once you've defined a MySensors gateway, activated autocreate and switched on inclusion mode. Creation and readings will be recieved from normal MySensors standard examples (don't know anything about Attiny85 though, only Atmega328p).

    Fhem start guide should be enough regarding the Fhem config.

    In general, as you can see, the Fhem section of the MySensors forum isn't very energetic. If you speak german you'll find more info and help over at the Fhem-forum.

  • @m26872
    Hello...und ja ich spreche Deutsch πŸ™‚
    I think my question was not good.
    I want to know what data will be send from this mysensor things.
    I see somithing like this:
    At the start the mysensor Sensor will send an other code.
    I will emulate this codes, but i dont know the right structure for the start.

    I think its the wrong forum here

  • @Fleischtorte
    OK this will help.
    I think i flash the mysensor code to an Arduino and let him talk to serial monitor, so i can see it better.
    Nice Nick...was fΓΌr ein Name πŸ™‚

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