Lua Startup Failure on Vera Serial Gateway

  • New to Mysensors, amazing stuff, having a blast.

    Just a little problem I can't seem to fix:

    Put together my serial gateway with NRF24L01 radio and a Nano, checked debug to make sure it was working correctly, all seems well. Started up Vera, uploaded LUA files, created device, plugged in Serial Gateway to USB on Vera, restarted LUA engine, restarted the Vera, and nothing. I get a 'lua startup failure' error on the devices section in Vera on the MySensors Plugin.

    What gives?

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    Hi @rkressa did you do the following part of the setup instruktions:

    Next, you will need to configure the USB port communication settings so the Vera can communicate with the gateway over the USB serial connection.

    Finally, go to: APPS Develop Apps Serial port configuration. See the screenshot to the right.

    For the Used by device: setting, select the Arduino Gateway Plugin [] from the menu of available devices.
    Set baud rate to 115200.
    Set the parity to none with 8 data bits and 1 stop bit.

  • I have tried accessing that menu but it only says:

    Serial Port configuration
    If you connected the USB/serial device and it's not displayed here, reload Luup.
    Not available

    So options are available there..

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    So it seems like the Vera cannot detect your USB serial device.
    Is there a FTDI chip on your Nano or some thing else? It needs to be an FTDI chip for Vera to be able to recognize it.

    If it is a FTDI chip then you just need to retry until your Vera can find it. Restart Vera and reload luup until it show up.

    If it does not show up you might have a bad USB cable, try another one.

  • @korttoma

    Just figured it out, it has no FTDI chip. Where can I get a nano with a real FTDI chip?

    Or can I just go with an ethernet gateway with my existing nano? I have the ethernet part.

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    With these cheep clones you never know what serial chip is on board unless it says which one in the description.
    If you have an Ethernet board available I would say go for it. It should work. I have a pair of W5100 Ethernet boards myself working fine.

  • @korttoma

    Yup, going over the ethernet gateway then. Thanks for the replies!