MQTT from RasPi MySensors GW to remote Domoticz

  • Hi,

    please share your experience of setting MQTT to work with Domoticz and MS GW. Should the traffic be changed to json format or what's the deal?

    I got the MySensors Raspi GW work ok, sending stuff to remote MQTT mosquitto server. The config is this:

    ./configure --my-gateway=mqtt --my-controller-ip-address=192,168,1,32 --my-port=1883 --my-mqtt-client-id=22 --my-mqtt-publish-topic-prefix=domoticz/in --my-mqtt-subscribe-topic-prefix=domoticz/out --my-rf24-pa-level=RF24_PA_LOW 

    Unfortunately it won't show anything in Domoticz. I googled a bit and someone wrote Domoticz reads data in json format? Is that true? Sounds a bit weird in case of MQTT.

    I'm rather close now getting things to work, please any tips welcome, too tired to google more tonight...

    MQTT part is fine:

    $ mosquitto_sub -t domoticz/in/# 

  • @ikkeT Hey, you got it to working?
    Have also tried for a while now but no visible in Domoticz.


  • Hi,

    same issue. Any solutions???

  • Mod

    I got it working, but you need beta version of domoticz which has the mqtt mysensors gateway in the hw list, while the stable version only has the normal mqtt that requires json format. As side note, if mqtt is not really necessary, you'd better use the ethernet gateway as it's easier to debug and manage

  • Thank you. With beta everything is now working fine!:)

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