Dim lights to match sunlight from windows?

  • One of my first thoughts about starting with home automation was to be able to have the in-door lights dim up/down depending on the "incoming" sunlight from windows. So if the sun is bright and shining the indoor lights should turn off and if the sun is behind clouds the light should dim "up" .

    The idea was to always have the same light-level or the same "lux". How hard would it be to accomplish this if you started out with Mi-lights or similar where you could dim the lights pretty easy by just sending the correct commands?

  • Hardware Contributor

    @Cliff-Karlsson - from my point of view (Domoticz) it wouldnt be hard at all.
    You need one lux sensor and a dimmer. The code could be written in Lua for example and executed every time the lux sensor gets a new reading.

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