Need lower voltage from powersupply

  • Good evening!

    As the number of nodes keeps incresing my need for 5v powersupply increses.

    Right now i am building a node with a ws2811 led strip, but my powersupply gives me 5.3v.
    It seems that my leds dont like the extra 0.3v, how can i adjust the output of my powersupply (generic wall-plug-powersupply)?

    I have lots of resistors, transistors(mosfet), logic level shifters (5-3.3v) etc laying around, is it possible to make something or should i just buy a new powersupply?

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    @Tore-André-Rosander depending on how many leds you are running you could just put a diode in series with the supply, that will drop the voltage by about .5v which should still be ok. The diode will need to be able to handle the load of your leds though

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