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  • Does MySensors support the Arduino Zero ? I have one and would like to use it as an ethernet gateway. The code does compile but I don't get anything on the serial monitor. Any advice would be helpful.

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    Yes Mysensors works well with Arduino Zero. i'm using same mcu for my serial GW.
    It depends on defines in your sketch.
    Please show your sketch and logs.

  • @scalz Thanks for the reply....
    I'm just trying to use the default gateway sketch in the master branch. I hooked up the W5100 to the Zero without the NRF radio and loaded a test sketch which worked fine. I guess I don't know the proper defines to use and or using the wrong pins on the Arduino Zero. I do have a Ethernet Gateway currently running now with a Mini Pro and a W5100 module. I hacked the W5100 with an Inverter on the "SEN" pin so both can share the SPI bus, this has been working well. My goal is to replace the Mini Pro with the Zero. Now that I know the Zero will work I will do some more work on it.

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    also, note, the Mysensors Sensebender GW is using ATSAM mcu(arduino zero like) + w5100 😉
    Check the library API in docs, for defines

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    It should be possible to use the zero with mysensors library. And as @scalz mentions, the upcoming Sensebender GW is based on basically the same mcu, as used in the zero.

    However you can't use the the gw files for the zero, as I use a couple of tricks, and use multiple spi ports, which isn't available on the zero, if I remember correctly.

  • Thanks for the info , so the bottom line if I understand correctly, is that the Zero will work as a Serial Gateway and NOT work as an Ethernet Gateway.

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