Do I, and why, need a oscilloscope?

  • Hello, as a hobby hardware mysensors user, what could I practically get out of owning a oscilloscope?
    I am getting bombarded with those diy kits from banggood, I also saw some Hantek usb models for 60ish usd, and since they are low price I guess they would not be of any practical use. Or would they?

    F.eks. would I be able to improve radio power and stability using oscilloscope? Would that banggood 30usd / or usb 60usd oscilloscope be able to help me with for example power stability?
    Or would they help me debug some actuators, or some errors in the switches operation, or something else?

    I know general use of oscilloscopes, we also played with them in school, but I never had any real life experience. I am not that active with making new nodes in mysensors at the moment, due to lack of time and sometimes frustration of some node just not working as it should, f.eks. chewing the battery, or going into some loop, or not responding to controller. Would a oscilloscope help cut down debugging time and/or improve stability? In which situations you think it could help?

    I would appreciate if you guys could share some real life examples where oscilloscope helped you with some difficult task, or you wish you had one to help you. Or some other piece of oscilloscope-like tool, hardware debugger or similar.


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