BME280 Sensor Presentation

  • I'm planning to use the BME280 in my sensor projects. Going through the information I see that I have to present the node to the controller as a specific device. I see options for each individual sensor category that this unit falls into, but I'm unsure of how to present it as all three (barometer, hygrometer and temperature). Should I just use the generic S_CUSTOM in the present or should I give it one of the sensors like S_TEMP and just message the extra data anyway? Is it possible to present a node as more than one thing? Maybe I'm over thinking it. Thoughts?

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    You should present each child sensor as it own type, that is:
    child sensor id -> type
    1 -> S_TEMP
    2 -> S_HUMIDITY
    3 -> S_BAROMETER

    and then use the correct V_ types for transmitting the different sensor types.

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