Possible to set up one RPi as a Gateway and a Controller?

  • I've been looking around, but can't seem to actually find an answer. Is it possible to use one Raspberry Pi (likely model 1b) as both the (MySensors) Gateway, and as a (Home Assistant) controller? Additionally, can it ALSO take on the role of being an MQTT broker?

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    If Home Assistant is able to run on RPi I see no problem in running a MySensors Gateway and an MQTT broker like Mosquitto in parallel. So: Yes!

  • don't know about HA, but I'm running mysensors mqtt gateway with openhab on rpi 3 (and Mosquitto as a broker), works without any problems.

  • @Michael-McGilton

    I have a rpi running hass and a mqtt broker. Check bruh automation site for tutorials how tot install. I have a serial gateway attached, but I guess you can also run the gateway directly on the rpi. Haven't tried it myself.

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