RFM98PW / RFM95PW new LoRa modems

  • Has anyone seen these modems in action?
    Besides the known 433MHz and 868MHz, now the 169MHz band is accessible. This band is regulated in Europe at a maximum of 500mW and <=10% duty cycle beacons used generally for gas meters and similar quipments.
    It can output 30dBm in 433MHz and 868MHz and 27dBm in 169MHz. This allows for even greater range but it uses up to 650mA during TX.

    This is a very interesting module that comes in a larger footprint than the RFM9x but has a way greater TX power and makes the 169MHz band accessible and I think that once it hits the market and the RF engineers start to tinker and build Arduino libraries for it, it will become farily popular.

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    I've seen Lora devices being recently added to cayenne mydevices, so it may be there is something moving

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    seen them too few month ago.
    i'have no special use for them. and they are a lot bigger and power hungry.
    like you said really depends on the usecase.
    they looks nice though, interested to know how they behave

  • They're an interesting option in special use cases. Eg. I mounted a sensor on my flat building janitor's storage room. I wanted to know if she comes daily as agreed and if so, how long does it take for her to clean the staircase. The RFM69 modules didn't worked so I switched to RFM96 which struggles to get the signal through 2 floors and on the other side of the building where I placed my gateway. And this while using RFM95_BW31_25CR48SF512. It works, but if I were at the 3rd floor, I'm sure it wouldn't have worked.
    Next thing I want to monitor the status of the water pumps that are in a special room beneath ground and also on the opposite side of the building. And I'm pretty sure that the RFM95 will not make it there unless directional antennas or repeaters are involved.

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