Is there an easier way to compare the voltages of these two sensors?

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    I have a task that I have two sensors,which bought from each, reading a voltage value. I need a circuit to output 1 if the difference between the two readings is smaller than 10% and 0 otherwise.

    I can solve it both analogic or digitally. Since I have more experience dealing with digital circuits than analogic ones, I thought about doing the following: Convert the readings to binary and build a circuit which basically uses the formula | (V1 - V2) | / ((V1 + V2)/2) ) and compares it with 0.1. I think there is an easier way of solving this and wanted some help to find it.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
    Great regards,

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  • Smaller than 10% of what? 10% of value A will be different than 10% of value B.

    The part you posted is an I2C temperature sensor, not sure what you mean by "reading a voltage value" therefore.

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    If we see any more questions with Kynix-links, I'll just delete the new accounts. The @longkke user will be kept and banned for reference. I hope this will help other forums identifying Kynix as a SPAM cooperation.

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