Bluetooth presence / proximity

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    Hi, I am trying to figure out if it is possible to make a sensor node with a BT module that every few minutes would scan the area for BT LE devices (like smart bands, BT tags, whatever else) and report if any have been found. I have been suggested to use HM10 BLE module for this purpose (but I am open to whatever HW that would do the job), but I am wondering if it would fit into a Mysensors environment and if there could be a way to add BT devices to the scan list without hardcoding them. I am planning to have it running in Domoticz

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    @gohan not sure if you've already seen it but there is some discussion in that might be relevant.

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    I did look at the other topics like you suggested, but they were all quite old and the one you specified it looked not entirely relevant since it is detecting active beacons while I would like to scan for low energy devices, so I'm not entirely sure the hw is the same

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