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    wohoo! Looking forward to seeing all projects and contributions!

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  • Phew, May, better stop being lazy and get going 😀

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    Awwwww yeahhhh! Here we go, lets see more hardware being designed, manufactured, tested and shared around us. Community driven is best!

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    Hmm, I have so many ideas and not much time.

    • a push mysensors notification for amazon echo (alexa)
    • maybe could be the same hardware as above: notify via voice about: window state, air quality, doorbell from mysensors...
    • nice nextion display showing information about my home and the weather forecast
    • doorbell sensor without additional power supply
    • ac detection without additional power supply
    • a mysensors serial mqtt controller for up to 3 gateways based on arduino due

    Or should I first finish my heating circuit regulation which does work for more than two months now without any problem but isn't mysensorized...

    Or should I invest in a blog explaining all the things I did and could help others? (i.e. how do I distinguish an arduino pro mini 16 MHz from a 8 MHz model or how do I connect different protocols ie zWave, mysensors, homematic, netatmo.....)

    Or should I invest more time in my job? :laughing:

    What about photography? I really like to take pictures with old cameras on film but have done this last time 2 years ago... :cry:

    Or should I paint my garage? It is really time to....

    What about tidy up my garage and all my electronic items I purchased with that many ideas in my mind?

    We don't talk about my family. I swear, they don't get to short.

    Maybe a 3d printing project with my 8 year old daughter?

    Sigh, life is to short...

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  • @FotoFieber said in 💬 MySensors Contest 2017:

    Maybe a 3d printing project with my 8 year old daughter?

    I don't want to drive you out of the competition but go for that, trust me, she'll appreciate it ;)

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    @pansen - I see what you did here! One less competitor for me and you to face ;)

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