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  • First of all, I'm a complete noob when it comes to MySensors. I've gone through the Getting Started sections, and read just about as much documentation as I can. I'm currently running Home-Assistant, and will be trying to implement MySensors into it. I've been using Arduino for a few years now, and have a general understanding of programming, but I wouldn't consider myself a programmer.

    So it seems like most of the example code in the Build section is for the 1.x branch of MySensors. So does the Gateway also have to be running the 1.x branch?

    If my goal is to integrate this into Home-Assistant, should I be using the 1.x branch, or 2.x branch?

    Also, I've managed to follow the instructions on the Build site, and build myself a Serial Gateway. Which version of the Gateway code should I be using? Where would I find the serial gateway code for 1.x?

    I also built a few nodes (not sure if that's what I should call them). One with a simple pushbutton, another with a motion sensor, and a third with a Temp/Humidity sensor (dht11). Now how would I get these connected to the Gateway? I think it's referred to as "Presentation", but I couldn't find much documentation on how to do it.

    Just to confuse myself a little further, I found this section on the HA site, which talks about "Presentation",

    Would I be better off sticking to 1.x for now?
    Is there some kind of step-by-step guide that I'm missing?

    Please help, I'm sorry to throw out random questions, but i'm not sure where else to go.. Thanks..

  • Admin

    Hi and welcome!

    I would say all of the examples in the build section has been converted to 2.0 (except maybe for some old build-projects created by external people).

    The examples with external library dependencies comes from here:

    and standalone examples here:

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