Home Assistant v 0.12

  • Plugin Developer

    Version 0.12 of home assistant is now released. The mysensors component has seen three bugfixes and two refactors. This includes:

    • Fix error in unit_of_measurement, by adding version check. Both version 1.4 and 1.5 should now work.
    • Fix adding devices on the fly, without restart and without persistence enabled.

    I've also added information to the documentation at https://home-assistant.io/components/mysensors/. There's now a step by step instruction how to present your sensors and actuators to home assistant. You can also see exactly which S_TYPES and V_TYPES are supported by the sensor and switch platforms.

    All feedback, problem reports and suggestions are very welcome and appreciated. For example, the two mentioned bugs above were found by the community.

    Looking ahead, I'm working on making the serial connection more stable, an ethernet gateway, a light platform, and adding feedback state to the actuator platforms. I'm also planning to add support for value requests and acknowledgements.

  • Thanks again @martinhjelmare

    Upgrade went successfully.

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