[SOLVED] Unable to write data to serial port on pi3

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm trying to create a custom controller on a pi 3. I have some really specific need.

    I have build MySensors using the following command :

    ./configure —my-debug=enable —my-gateway=serial --my-serial-pty=/dev/ttyGateway --my-serial-is-pty --my-rf24-ce-pin=22 --my-rf24-cs-pin=24 --my-rf24-irq-pin=13

    Everything is working fine, the radio is working and I can receive data from nodes with a static ID.
    What I want to do is to handle ID request from nodes and to simply send data to nodes. The issue is that I can't write to the serial port.

    When I try to do :

    sudo echo "255;0;3;0;4;4" > /dev/ttyGateway

    I get : "Permission not granted"

    When I do : ls -l /dev/ttyGateway

    lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 10 mars   4 13:51 /dev/ttyGateway -> /dev/pts/5

    In principle it should work with no issue, right ?

    My question is : How can I send data by writing to the serial port ?

  • Mod

    @sapher said in Unable to write data to serial port on pi3:

    sudo echo "255;0;3;0;4;4" > /dev/ttyGateway


    sudo echo "255;0;3;0;4;4" | sudo tee /dev/ttyGateway > /dev/null

    or make yourself superuser:

    sudo su
    echo "255;0;3;0;4;4" > /dev/ttyGateway

  • @Yveaux said in Unable to write data to serial port on pi3:

    Thank you dear Sir, both of your solution work. Amazing.
    I hope this will help others. Cause I can sense that this is pretty basic Linux stuff. But I was stuck for days on that. Thank you 👍

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