Another Rework oven/station question

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    I have been considering to buy a T962 oven for a while now.
    They don't cost too much anymore, can be bought 'locally' and after hacking it they seem to be fairly good.

    Today I saw the T862++ station that seems to a bit more versatile.

    What do you think: Is the T862 a real alternative to the T962 or are they more complimentary?
    Would be a sensible choice or should I stay away from it?

    Or should I stay away from both?

    Apart from my own boards I will also be doing a couple of Sensebender Micro's soon and I am a little bit afraid of the size of the SMD components (or better said the lack of size :))...

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    t862 looks fun thing, i didn't know it. but it's not enclosed?? you can also use the cheap hot plate technique, never tried it though.
    I have a T962 that i've hacked. works well here (i use only one curve for the moment, the one i set up for my solder paste). Crazy that they sell it, the hack is well known, but they don't apply it! it greatly improves it.