Need help with initial setup

  • Hi,

    i need some help with the initial setup.
    I have built a gateway with the W5100 Ethernet module, which should be controlled by a Home Assistant controller.
    The gateway starts up and the Home Assistant connects to it just fine:

    INFO:mysensors.mysensors:Trying to connect to ('', 5003)
    INFO:mysensors.mysensors:Connected to ('', 5003)

    So, after that, i built a sensor node with the DHT22-Temperature/Humidity Sensor. And now, i have problems with the communication between the sensor node and the gateway.
    This is the serial monitor output of the gateway during the setup:
    It looks like it is restarting some times (The lines with INIT:TSP:OK), although i have already added a decoupling capacitor and the power comes from a 2A-enabled Power Source.

    This is the output of the sensor node: - there, also a decoupling capacitor and a 2A-enabled USB Power source.

    To me, it looks like the gateway does indeed receive some messages from the node (the lines like


    look suspicious), but the node does not receive anything. It sends messages, and fails after that.
    During all this time, the log file of Home Assistant is empty, which means, there are no new lines associated to the MySensors component.

    So i am asking: Am i right with my assumptions regarding the log files? If yes, why does the receive on the node side fail? If no, what could be other reasons for the process to fail? I am quite sure it's not the distance between the two devices which is too big - they're lying right next to each other on my soldering table.

    So, any advices could be very helpful. Thank you.

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    Hi @simonszu,

    Please try the log parser to read your logs ->

    It seems like your node is asking for an Node ID but never gets one. Please look in to if Home Assistant can hand out Node IDs automatically or if you need to hard code the Node IDs in to your sketches.

    Maybe HA is handing out Node ID 0, this is not a valid Node ID.

    Home Assistant supports "node ID generation" According to this table ->

    There are some instructions for Presentation here, did you try them? ->

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    You could also connect myscontroller to your gateway that will auto assign a node ID to the node that is requesting it, or you can specify it on the code of the node. It's a common problem when you are new to mysensors, don't worry 😁

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    @simonszu said in Need help with initial setup:

    It looks like it is restarting some times

    There were some issues with the w5100 and some ide versions causing the gateway to constantly re start

    Have a look at

    GatewayW5100 - unable to get working w/ v2.0.0

    MySensors 2.0 Ethernet gateway Atmega+W5100) restart all time

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