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  • Hi everybody. I'm a newbie of MySensors. My question: is it possible to realize a mysensors project by using only ethernet modules (no radio modules)? I mean, I would like to use the Raspberry Pi as ethernet gateway (using the Raspberry Pi on-board ethernet port) and several sensors (door switch, temperature and humidity) connected through ethernet modules (wired).
    I had a look into the forum but I didn't find the answer.

  • @giangired Each etherneted node eventually has to be a gateway, so this concept may not be the best solution.

    If you just want do a wired communication, you may have a look at the MySensors@RS485 option. Using real ethernet, you may better use other options, e.g. the firmata project.

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    @giangired like previously said, you can and you would have to configure each sensor as a gateway and add each one of them into the controller as single gateways. You could also use RS485 or if you want to start the easy way with wireless try ESP8266 over wifi or other wireless radios supported.

  • @rejoe2 Thanks!

  • Once again toying with this idea... I've got to connect to a device via Network (UDP).
    I'd like to do this with an Arduino Uno. It would have to listen to the Intranet, call for and
    parse incoming Messages and present the results to Domoticz as a MySensors sensor.

    If I remember correctly it is possible to have an Ethernet node also have sensor functions
    even it is not recommended. True? Can something like this be done? How? 😉


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    @hyla connecting sensors directly to a gateway (ethernet gateway in your case) is supported, and there is no recommendation against it.

    First create a gateway and make sure it works (Domoticz can connect to it). Then add the code for reading udp packets and sending MySensors messages, just as if the udp messages were readings from a "normal" sensor.

  • @gohan My understanding of the ESP8266 is that much like the ethernet solution, each node would have to be configured as a gateway as it is still running on an IP protocol like the ethernet node. I ran into this when I got some Sonoffs and was trying to connect them to my Vera Plus. I ended up using them with the ESPEasy firmware and a different plugin on my Vera.

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