New high power variant of the RFM95 --> RFM95PW +30dBm

  • HopeRF has started selling a 1watt, +30dBm, version of the LoRa RFM95 radio. Aliexpress has them at $120/5.

    The pin-out is the same, except for the 3.3v input pin is now VCC (5 to 6.4v) and pin 9, was GND now 3.3v out.

    Width is 18mm vers 16mm on the old part, length is 35.4mm. Pin spacing is the same at 2mm.
    Power requirements are ~700ma at TX, 15ma RX.
    Their are no register changes... Its just a power amp on the basic RFM95.

    In my testing on a farm to measure soil moisture, water level and gate status, where the gateway is over 2.5 mi away, their performance has been excellent.... Radios have a 3dBi antenna, gateway has a 6dBi antenna.

    They are connected with a 5 watt solar panel and a 6000ma battery, it my test with no solar panel connected for 7 days, battery is only down 3%, they report back 24 time a day.

    So yes, it nice to have an option of a +30dBi radio... they do work!

  • I really wonder what the application of it may be?!

  • Mod

    Like most of the LoRa devices: remote monitoring of some sensors where there is no GPRS/3G coverage or DSL internet service.

  • @gohan not really - with such power consumption the usage is limited with a 110-240V PSU.

  • Mod

    @alexsh1 so? No internet coverage doesn't mean there is no power. Maybe you just don't want to pay internet access just to have a basic remote monitoring. In addition if there is no power you can also use a small solar panel. Keep in mind that these kind of remote sensors usually don't need to report data very often, so the actual power consumption is limited mostly to the RX if you need the node listening, otherwise you put everything to sleep and you should be fine with not draining too much power

  • Hello @lafleur !
    What do you use as antenna?

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