How to use the lib on a STM32 Nucleo

  • Hello again guys,

    I've been trying to develop a network protocol similar to the MySensors for a STM32 microcontroller.
    A Nucleo board with 64 pins to be more accurate.
    My question is: There is a way to simply convert the lib for arduino to the Nucleo Board? I know they are diferent boards with diferent memory address and pin, but maybe someone is already developing to this plataform... who knows right?

    I simply love the Star-Mesh network protocol you guys put into this beatyful lib, something that i'm having trouble to replicate for the STM32.

    And if anyone know any lib for this microcontroller with similar functions, please let me know.

    Thank you very much for all the support you guys have been giving to me!

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    @Nathan-Matos you'll probably be interested in the discussion in

    I have ordered two stm32 but not received them yet.

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