Anyone got a few 47uf 0805 capacitors to sell (in Sweden)?

  • Ok I don't know if this is allowed but I am trying anyway. I just need like 5 47uf 0805 capacitors and have already ordered from ebay but the shipping will take like 3-5 weeks. So I want to know if someone that have alot of those components is willing to sell a few and just send by regular mail (in Sweden)

    Btw. I think there should be a special "Market"- category and also have sub-categories based by country where you could sell/trade components (not for profit). I know that I have ordered many times from ebay/aliexpress and only need a few components but always buy like 100 of each. I am guessing that pretty common.

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    @Cliff-Karlsson - I have sent you a PM.

  • If You have some broken electronics You can try to retrieve some from it 🙂 I always do that if I need just a couple of caps or resistors.

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    @rozpruwacz - I have a hard time to identify the caps - some have markings but alot of them do not. Any tips?

  • I measure them with my multimeter after desoldering :), if the cap is just for power supply filter it is realy easy to find them on the board.

  • I just add that usually the value of the capacitor is not very critical for the circuit to work properly. Most of the times it just don't matter if it is 47uF or 10uF, if it is in the same order of magnitude it is sufficient.

  • @Alpoy
    Of cource I know that I can buy them at elfa to. But 5 pcs will cost me 199 SEK with shipping witch is pretty much for a few components in my world.

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