Getting started with Ethernet

  • Hi, I'm struggling to get started...

    I can't find information on how or if it is possible to run sensor nodes over Ethernet opposed to RF? I have a Pi running OpenHab and Mosquitto and I've installed the Mysensor MQTT gateway on the Pi too. I wanted to connect my sensor nodes to the gateway using an Ethernet connection. Basically my house has Ethernet ports everywhere so I was hoping to use arduinos and WS5100 modules to build my sensor nodes.

    Any help would be much appreciated :)



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    @Andrew-McInnes yes that can be done. Use the ethernet gateway sketch (or the mqtt gateway sketch if you prefer mqtt), and add code for the sensor(s). Then add each gateway to your controller.

  • Hi @mfalkvidd

    Thanks for your help! Great so basically each node will run as a gateway, enabling me to use the ethernet connection. Then I include the sensor code in the sketch, can you point me in the direction of any examples of a sketch running a gateway and sensor all in one?

    Many thanks


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    @Andrew-McInnes I am not aware of any such example sketch

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    @Andrew-McInnes just use the gateway sketch and add presentation, setup and loop code for the sensors you want to add (copy them from nodes examples)

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