What sensortype to chose to present a number to domoticz?

  • I want to try to create some presence detection sensors using mysensors to be able to detect how many peoples are in each rooms or if the room is unoccupied. I am still experementing with what kind of sensors works best but I do not really know how it would be best to present the actual number of persons in each room.

    Lets say I have a way to detect how many persons that enter or leave a room. The sensors give me info of People detected entering room.

    People detected entering room:                                               
       4             3          1
    |Room 1 | --> |Room 2|-->|Room 3|-->|Room 4|
    Actual number of people in each room:                                       
       1             2         1            0

    I know I can calculate the actual number of people in each room by using blocky or lua, but how do I actually send the number from "People detected entering room" sensors ? What kind of sensor do I specify in the mysensors sketch? Are there any form of counter sensor value to use?

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    I'd say you present 2 switches, one triggers when someone enters the room, the other when someone exits, but without something else like a pir sensor that actually checks if someone is in the room or not, it will eventually leads to errors in the counter. All the counting will have to be made in the controller and maybe reset people count in a room if no movement is detected for like 30 minutes. How to do it in domoticz, I don't know 😁

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