Raspi GPIO as input to gateway

  • Hi new user, have successfully got raspi as mqtt gateway with domoticz working on same pi at basic level.

    Question is this after some fruitless searching. I have a physical momentary switch connected to the pi, old project left over. I'd like to use that to trigger an event in domoticz that can then turn on a light elsewhere remotely. Any pointers would be appreciated how to make gateway 'see' the gpio event?


  • Hi,

    Its possible to use arduino sketch in raspberry (see https://forum.mysensors.org/topic/6618/gateway-ethernet-raspberry-sensors/4)

    i have make some test who work.

  • If You want domoticz to 'see' this gpio event then why wont You add this gpio directlty to domoticz ? It seems that passing it through the gateway is overcomplicated.

  • Mod

    There is gpio support in domoticz, but I haven't tried if it works for buttons

  • Agh, thank you! I'm such a new user, I had no idea domoticz could see gpio directly. You have given me new research avenue, I really appreciate the replies.

  • Mod

    There is a WIKI page on Domoticz site about GPIO

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