Autonomous irrigation system WSN - power up problem

  • Hello guys, I am new to this forum and i hope that i can bee here all the time.
    I am working on an autonomous irrigation system based on a wireless sensor network, i am using arduino as cpu and NRF24 as RF module.
    I have 3 nodes:
    1- a base station which collect data from the network and send it to the cloud (i have a web interface) it is compound of arduino+GSM module+ DHT22+NRF.
    2- a sensor node that withraws soil moisture and send it to the base station (arduino+soil moisture sensor+NRF).
    3- a command node that contains a solenoid valve whitch controls th water flowing.
    My problem is that i want to build an autonomous system whitch means no maintenance, so i was searching a lot and a found that i can reduce power for arduino and the nrf but it is not that good, and for the command node the solenoid valve draws at least 250ma so i am wondering if you can suggest me a way to power up these nodes.

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    Welcome to the MySensors community @Alpachigo !

    I haven't seen a low power solution for valves, but a discussion on the same topic is available at

    For generic recommendations on battery-powered nodes see if you haven't already.

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