I will Pay someone to help me successfully compile my Serial Gateway sketch!

  • Greetings,

    I have posted a couple of times here and the advice is always the same - along with me results. All I want to do is compile my Serial Gateway sketch but it cannot find the MySensor.h and MyGateway.h files that reside just a couple of levels higher next to the examples folder, as all my other Arduino sketches are configured.

    This forum is limited because I cannot post screen shots of my file hierarchy so all I can do is describe the problem and all hek is able do is describe the solution - which I am certain is how my files are laid out. Besides, he has many others to try to help.

    I am still totally confused about two files that the Serial Gateway wants to include but are not present in the Arduino-master zip file. I have asked two times previously and, so far, no one can or will give me an answer. The first file is SPI.h. it is not included in Arduino-master (or I cannot find it) but it is available on GitHub. The other included file is stdarg.h. I cannot find this file, even on the Internet, and GitHub seems to only have partial examples.

    So, If someone can answer my file questions, I would be most appreciative. If someone can help me get my sketch working, I will pay you for your time and energy. My email address is: info@helioelectric.com and I invite anyone who thinks they know my problem to respond. I will respond to all who email and negotiate with whomever can offer the "best" information to get me up and running.

    I thank you ahead for any help any of you may be able to provide.

    Respectfully - Baran info@helioelectric.com

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    When you loaded the arduino ide (the program which you run to compile/upload your arduino programs) it should have loaded some standard libraries. One such library is the AVR libraray which should be located in :

    C:\Program Files\Arduino\hardware\arduino\avr\libraries

    if you are using windows. So there are really 2 sets of libraries, the standard ones that are part of the IDE file structure and your own personal libraries which are usually located in you mydocuments/arduio folder--these contain the files from mysensors or any others you may download separately.

    You need both libraries to compile successfully.

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    I should have mentioned that the AVR library contains spi.h

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    There is no reason to keep starting new threads. Please!

    This forum is limited because I cannot post screen shots of my file hierarchy...

    I Answered this question in your last thread.

    Did you follow my instructions on how to move the libraries to the right location? The path you wrote in the last thread is wrong.