CP2104 Friend

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    Anyone is using Adafruit CP2104 Friend for programming? I understand it is 3.3V logic, but 5V VIN. Is it still tolerable for nrf24l01+?


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    @alexsh1 see section "Table 5. Voltage Regulator Electrical Specifications" in the datasheet for details, but yes, you can power the nrf24 from the Friend when the Friend is connected to usb, as long as the load uses a maximum of 80mA (the regulator is rated for max 100mA and the Friend itself draws almost 20mA).

  • @mfalkvidd Thank you. I was more concerned about VIN 5V
    I think in my IOT only few rfm69hcw would draw 130mA and maybe nrf24l01+ pa lna, but it has a different power feed

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