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    I wanted to have my Renovent HR Large from Brink Climate Systems automated.
    Unfortunately Brink offered a € 300 solution to do this wireless within the house

    I thought.. Well it must be possible to use one of the Mysensors sketches to do so.

    By default this system comes with a 3 way switch that is connected to an rj11 plug on the Renovent.
    The RJ11 has 3 cables

    • Yellow
    • Red
    • Black

    After figuring out how the 3 way switched worked it was an easy task with one of the example sketches.

    • Yellow + Black = Switch_2
    • Red + Black = Switch_3
    • By default nothing is connected = Switch_1.

    If you would like to measure voltage you will measure aroun 13,88v on

    • yellow-black
    • red-black.

    The sketch can be found here:

    You will need 2 Relais if you want to switch Switch_2 and Switch_3.
    Please see attached the prototype... available for around €10 .
    0_1500406337706_WTW Brink - Prototype.JPG

    And then within Domoticz I can control it.
    0_1500406123667_WTW Brink.JPG
    If the humidity in the bathroom is over 58% kick on the fan 😉

    Oh btw. don't forget to connect the ground of the Relais to the Ground of the Arduino, otherwise it will not work.

    Happy Mysensors day.


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    @sincze (seems the link in the post did not work)

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    Just an update regarding the Renovent Climate system:
    I created the following cheat sheet:

    0_1515262533789_Renovent Cheat Sheet.jpeg

    To be able to read the 'filter' value I converted the default RJ11 to RJ12.
    Now it should be able to warn me that I need to change the filter.
    0_1515262827287_Brinks Filter.jpeg

    As I use the EasyPCB and already used all available pins on the prototype board, I had to solder an extra wire to pin 8.
    Q: How do I access A2, A3 and D8? A: They are not accesses through the PCB, so you need to directly solder to the pro mini.

    As this Pin 8 is not used with pull up resistor (I thought it was dangerous to do that because adding 3v of the Renovent would kill the input.) I needed to build some sort of pull-down resistor from keeping the input pin from floating. And hell yes it was floating like hell (resulting in a lot of messages, that even the debouncer was unable to deal with).

    Normally when the filter is 'clean' there is a 0v on P8. If the filter needs to be cleaned there is a +/- 3v on P8

    This how it was solved:

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