RFM69 frequency compatibility

  • I just ordered some RFM69's today. As I'm already using 433mhz systems (rflink) I thought I should be ordering 838mhz modules. I must say that I live on Spain.
    Now I read something more on ism and I'm not sure if 838mhz is available for me. I think it's used by digital TV air emissions.
    I'm thinking on talking with the seller and changing the frequency for 433mhz, but I'm not sure if that will interfer with my other systems.

    What do you think, should I bother changing?
    It would interfer?

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    According to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Short_Range_Devices#SRD860 the 868MHz band is available in all of Europe so it should be OK in Spain, at least as OK as the 433MHz modules.

    If you have devices on 433MHz that are streaming data (like wireless headphones, wireless home phone, etc) using 868 might be a good idea. But if you (and your neighbors if you live close to other people) only use 433MHz systems for turning off and on things every now and then, the likelihood that they would interfere is very small.

  • @mfalkvidd Oh! Yes thank you very much. The fact is that a typo in the description of the product I bought (838 != 868) is what confused me.
    Now thanks to you I realized it.
    I'll stick with 868 and see if I can work with it.
    I live near a frontier with Portugal and those guys here doesn't care about pirate radio emissions and I get strong interferences in radio, wifi and over all 2.4ghz. 433mhz even doesn't have more than 2-3mt of range for me. 2.4ghz only around 7mt @ sight. Bluetooth headphones have dropouts even carrying the phone with you.
    All of this living in the country. It's very annoying.

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