Arduinon startup complete request strange behaviour (python)

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    When the gateway is started up it sends a message 'Arduino startup complete' (at least that is what I see).

    But instead of using the 'normal' 5 field format I receive the below with 8 fields.
    Obviously this is wrong and it looks like one or two request are mixed up (possibly a request for a radioId together with the startup message)...
    Any idea how this can happen (using python and serial connection)...

    2014-04-29 01:16:36 MySensors Debug Receiving command 255;255;4;0;0;4;11;Arduino startup complete.

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    serial(PSTR("0;0;%d;%d;Arduino startup complete.\n"),  M_INTERNAL, I_LOG_MESSAGE);

    This is the only thing i can find being printed during Gateway begin.

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    @hek is it in any way possible that messages get scrambled on the gateway when they cross each other?

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    No, i don't really see how this could happen. Do you have any idea what other message it could have gotten mixed up with?

    What happens if you turn of debug-printing does it disappear?

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    This happened with and without debug printing.

    The funny thing is that it appeared 'out of the blue', showed up a couple of restarts and it looks like it disappeared again with the last restart.

    I will keep an eye on it since I will need a lot of restarts before I am ready with the plugin ")

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    OK, this time it is completely clear to me but I don't know why yet.

    Receiving command 1;2;2;2;0;0;4;11;Arduino startup complete.

    Two sensor/gateway messages were concatenated.

    The first a relay device 'reporting for duty', asking for the registered state of itself 1;2;2;2;
    And following the gateway reporting for duty: 0;0;4;11;Adruino startup complete

    Strange though that the gateway presentation comes after the sensor presentation...

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    Are you really "breaking" the commands on newline character on the phyton side? Please post your code 😉

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    See below, the answer is yes. I do a readline() and it breaks on '\n' by default and MySensors does the same.

    BTW I added the flush() after sending my previous post as well as removing all sleeping code from the sensor.
    I will start playing with this because I suspect one of these two (or both) solved the issue.
    I now see Receiving command 0;0;4;11;Arduino startup complete. before anything else 🙂

    EDIT: false alarm. A new upload of the sketch and a restart made the issue appear again 😞

            request = self.connection.readline()
            self.debugLog("Unexpected error:", sys.exc_info()[0])
            request = None
            if request:
                request = request.strip("\n\r")
                self.debugLog("Receiving command %s" % request)

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    Should you really flush after calling readline()?

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    Nope, this was a 'if it does not help it will not hurt'.

    I am going to remove it.

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    Hard to say,

    It surely looks like readline() gives back more that one line to me.

    I'm no phyton expert. But where is request-variable declared? Is it cleared between runs?

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    Yes, all variables are cleared before I re-use them which is completely obsolete even because they are defined in the method and the method is called from within a/the loop.

    I will ask the Indigo gurus about this...

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