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    In order to help the community members finding the lowest available part prices we're doing some beta testing against AliExpress new (somewhat crippled) API.

    Their API still misses stock availability and shipping cost.

    As we do fussy searching agains AliExpress [on keywords] the resulting product could sometimes be wrong if some new Ali seller adds a product with misleading description . Also be aware of that lot sizes can differ a bit between eBay and AliExpress. We should probably calculate a per-piece-price to make it easier to do a price comparison in the future.

    All prices is updated every 6 hours.

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    Great new feature to see price comparisons! Thanks!

    Just a quick buyer beware warning on AliExpress. I orders some Arduino Pro Minis and found they were made with 3.3v regulators when they were supposed to be 5v. I contacted the seller and they said I was wrong. After 4 messages proving I wasn't, I never heard from them again. I couldn't even change my review of the seller because AliExpress doesn't allow it.

    eBay has been so much better. I had an item damaged in shipping and the seller responded right away and offered to send a new one or give a discount on the damaged item.

  • They robbed me on $210. Monstrously unprofessional and unfair Dispute treatment, from the beginning biased to the seller. They have organized perfect criminal scheme: They sell false product, then receive it back, and take money. A band of thiefs.
    I have bought silk blanket in the 100% cotton envelope. So it was advertised. It is not cheap - $170. I have received 100% synthetics material. I opened dispute with the reason "not as described". They did not demand seller to proof. I warned that the seller still advertises it so, but nobody was impressed. I performed burn test - it gives glassy hard lumps that proves synthetics, and sent it back by ground tracking mail, another $40. It is slow mail. After 60 days it was still in transit. They wrote that I failed provide delivery evidence and that I have sent it to the wrong address. Absolute nonsense. I sent them the photo of the post receipt with the right address. So, I lost it. A week after their final decision the seller has received the parcel. I have written them few times with no result.

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    I've also tried aliexpress for a few times and that's enough for me. I'll choose ebay if I want to get what I want. Maybe if I feel like trying the lottery I choose aliexpress again.

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    In all fairness I think it depends a lot on the seller. And it probably is safer on Ebay since there is PayPal acting as a buffer and a second tier for complaints if all else fails. I have only ever opened one dispute on AliExpress. Ordered 50x NR3015T4R7M 4.7uH inductors, got 1x "some other weird chip" I'd never heard of. Got a refund after a day or two without any complaints. Was probably like a $8 order or something. I'm sort of stuck with AliExpress since it's the only way I can buy components at a reasonable cost and avoid Digikey/Mouser.

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    @nevemetz just registered on this forum to write that silk blanket review of a unknown Aliexpress seller.
    This text has been posted on other sites/forums as well.


    Guess I'll just remove this spam when you'd read my reply (I doubt we'll ever see @nevemetz here again).

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    It is scary that MySensors is subject to this kind of negative (or positive) spamming. If people feel a need to ventilate their feelings on the performance of individuals or business they better find another platform.
    In this case of Aliexpress the feeling is directed with no facts towards a sales platform which is providing a sales platform to thousands of individual small and larger business for which the majority is doing their utmost best to satisfy customers. You can blame the platform for providing not enough guarantees but you should not make general statements about all business behind it.
    From my own experience (50+ orders) with ebay, aliexpress and similar I have the experience that some is going wrong but that it is always settled in a satisfactory way.
    The "dispute" system of Ali is very tough on non-performance and the Paypal system gives extra "guarantees" for ebay shoppers.

    What should be discussed on the forum are possible facts: "Some of the NRF clone radio's from vendor ... on aliexpress, seem to be outside specification and this is what I did to correct it. "

    What I wouldn't like are feelings: "I've also tried aliexpress for a few times and that's enough for me.". Maybe create a special forum subject for people who like to express their insinuating, unfounded or needlessly offensive frustrations? 😏

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