Ninja spheres for sale (Sweden)

  • Ok sorry if this is not allowed and just remove this post. But I have three Ninja spheres that I got from kickstarter a while a go. There supposed to be some super home-automation devices with zigbee/wlan/bluetooth (check the homepage for exact specs). But as alot of kickstarter campaigns this one crashed and burned and no development is done anymore.

    So the hardware is all cool and working but the software is dead i would think. It runs Ubuntu core I think and you can connect through ssh to fiddle around. I used it in the beginning to control my wemo lights directly from the sphere by swiping ontop of it. homepage
    I know I will never be able to use them for anything productive but maybee someone here can make some use of them. Give me a bid for one or all of them. I am not expecting a fortune...

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