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  • Please be gentle with me, I’m new to my sensors, and still getting my head around it. I’ve searched around for answers to my question, but not had it spelled out in black and white, so here goes

    I’ve already got a large Domoticz installation, so this will be my controller.

    I’ve built and nodemcu WiFi gateway, and the domoticz controller seems to be happy it can see it.... all good

    The next step if the nodes themselves... following the instructions for a simple one, how does the node send data to the gateway? If I build a node using another nodemcu board, how do I give it the WiFi details? Does it even use WiFi? I’m lost

    Any help would be appreciated

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    Hello @Steve-Hadley and welcome !

    MySensors is using radio modules to communicate between nodes and gateway. The most simple solution to try is to start with NRF24 modules, you need one connected to your gateway, and one connected to each node.
    You can see how to connect the modules here :

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    You can also attach sensors to the gateway directly if it's the case

  • @Steve-Hadley said in Idiot newbie question:

    f I build a node using another nodemcu

    Hi @Steve-Hadley as @gohan said In your case (when using esp8266 based boards) your gateways are the nodes at the same time because they connect to the controller by themselves. Just edit your code to accommodate your sensor and you got easily deployable node anywhere where in your wi-fi coverage zone without additional gateways.

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