Sonoff Pow with Tasmota: HowTo MQTT?

  • Hi,

    I´ve successfully flashed Tasmota to my Sonoff Pow and I see it´s connected to my MQTT Broker, but I haven´t understood how to send commands to the Pow over MQTT.

    e.g. in the docs they are saying this:

    *To execute these, issue (publish) these MQTT requests

    MQTT topic MQTT payload
    cmnd/my_device/power <empty>
    cmnd/my_device/power on
    cmnd/my_device/power off*

    But actually the device is not turning off or on. One imortant thing is I don´t know what is "my_device".
    Finally I need to know how I could best combine this device with my Openhab2 and Mysesnsors setup.

    Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance!

  • Mod

    my_device is your device name, you should read it in the code or into the settings, or just subscribe to # with a mqtt client and reboot the sonoff, you should see the sonoff publishing to some topics. Using the sonoff over mqtt is out of the scope of mysensors as it is would get controlled by the controller (OpenHab, Domoticz, HA, etc)

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