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    I just got me a Z-wave USB stick and my first Z-wave device (https://www.kjell.com/se/sortiment/el-verktyg/smarta-hem/z-wave/fjarrstrombrytare/fibaro-z-wave-fjarrstrombrytare-med-energimatare-p50884)

    It is working as it should, but it also created some questions.

    In my devices page I got a lot of new devices by just adding this one Fibaro switch. They are of several different types, and some names are Unknown. But some have names as Alarm Type, Alarm Level, Power Management. I just wonder, is there some place where I can read what these different devices do, and how I can use them? Sitting and doing trial and error seems time consuming. And I guess if I buy some other type of Z-wave switch a lot of other devices will pop up in Domoticz.
    Maybe commercial controllers do this in a better way, but I like the open source stuff and hope that there is somewhere I can find explanations about the different features supported by Z-wave devices.

    Also, I actually wanted a switch that could be used outside. This time under a roof but still be able to work in cold weather. But do anyone know if there is Z-wave switches available that is water protected and work in cold weather?

    And last question. Is there some way to group the devices in Domoticz in the Device page? I think that all devices that is for one switch should be shown in one row. Otherwise if I add another 5-10 Z-wave devices the device list will be huge, and almost impossible to manage.

    Appreciate any help.

  • @raptorjr You don't mention it but I guess you are using Domoticz. I would suggest you ask the same questions on their forum; the first and third questions are answered there.

    Regarding a zwave water proof and cold proff switch, the "normal" ones (fibaro, neo coolcam, aeolabs, etc) seem to work well in cold weather, and it all depends on at which temp their battery stops providing enough juice. Regarding water proof, I don't recall having seen any, but a search on ebay or aliexpress might reveal some. As a last resort, you can always wrap them on kitchen plastic film; I do that with some of my mysensors equipment and it works very well.

  • @manutremo Thank you for your answer. I do mention Domiticz several times 😉 Anyway, I like to post here since I think this forum has more kind and helpful people. But I will take a look at the Domoticz forum.

  • @raptorjr said in Z-wave question:

    @manutremo I do mention Domiticz several times 😉

    OMG either I read too fast or my eyes are going really bad...

    Either way - the response to your last question is no, devices can't be grouped in the Devices page... this is probably one of the most requested features but... just not there yet.

    For the first question - the quick answer is those devices are normal and you may just ignore them; some of them are there as placeholders for future development. For a more detailed answer, just do a search and you should find the answer without having to interface with anyone... I'd send a link to the response but I don't have it readily available.

  • Not sure which of the Fibaro wall plugs you bought, so I added both links, it's about the command class that your device supports.

    you can in Domotics/setup/devices all have similar id, so you can type in the little search window "zwav 13" adn it filter filter all zwave devices with id number 13
    example below is id 13, and they then have different classes, alarm level, alarm types etc


  • @bjacobse Thank you for the links.

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