How to force MySensors to start setup and loop before connect to Gateway?

  • Dear All,

    the reliability is the key of the system for me. So I decide to have local functions, that do not need gateway/HUB to be usable. I use Domoticz. In my primary setup, there is my Domoticz server on RPi 3 and multiple Arduino Mega as Serial Gateway. These Mega are controlling lights and Roller Shutters in my house. Every light/blind has it own button, connected to Mega's Input pin. The same Mega is controlling also the relays. The adventage is that no metter if there is Internet or even if Domoticz Server is running, the local buttons and relays are always working - domoticz is just an "extra feature" for my system.

    The problem is, when I would like to add some extra devices connected by nrf24l+ and have the same functionality (this means, that the local function is always available, also without connection to gateway), there is a problem. As long, as the slave cannot reach the gateway, the arduino's loop function is not running. Is it possible to get the loop function running even without the gateway on the slave?

  • add this line before MySensors.h:

  • It works, thank you 😉

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