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  • I've tried Home Assistant ant mycontroller.org and both of them are really slow. In the first case Home Assistant just totally kills my RPi3+ after it has collected about 300k readings collected by ten sensors (and I've not even asked to display the data). And in the second case it takes about eight seconds to just display me eight data points where there should be about 100k.

    So are there any controllers available that can actually plot a subjectively large amount of points (so about 10-100k, should totally not be a problem)?

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    @avamander not a controller, but the grafana + influxdb combo can easily handle very large sets of sensor data.
    You can run it next to a standard controller using eg node red.

  • @yveaux

    grafana + influxdb combo can easily handle very large sets of sensor data.

    Is there a way to get mycontroller to use influxdb + grafana? I only found a small tutorial for Home Assistant but I'd really rather use mycontroller, it's way more usable.

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    @avamander sorry, but I don't know. I glue everything together using node-red, and you can probably squeeze it in to extract the data for influxdb before passing it on to your favorite controller too.

  • @Avamander I'm using OpenHab together with influxdb and grafana. All running on the same RPi. influxdb collects temperatures from half a dozen sensors and also a rain gauge every 2-5 minutes. Grafana plots the values every five minutes.

    OpenHab has rather a steep learning curve but the support forum is excellent. Openhabian is the easiest way to get running with OpenHab on and RPi

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